Michael & Marti Parry, Medium & Psychic Artist Team with So-Cal Apparition Research Society at Rancho Camulos Investigation

We’ve helped countless people around the world reconnect with friends and family in the afterlife.

People who have reconnected with lost friends and family members say that it’s the best feeling in this world or even another one. They talk about how much more connected they feel after their session, which makes them happier than ever before!

“I would like to try and express my love and gratitude to both of you, however, I am at a loss for words. I sat with you today. My friend Gilda was pulled into my reading by her deceased husband. We were both very emotional and overjoyed the whole trip back to San Diego. It was very clear our loved ones want and need to continue to communicate with us, and be seen. With your God given connection and your love that comes through, you bring joy and healing to those on the other side, and us. I would like to send my love and say THANK YOU.”

– Karen

“Hi, My mom has come to see you twice now and she has had 2 drawings … the second one I recognized immediately as a friend of the family that had passed away about a year ago. She was very close to my Mom and a friend of my grandmothers. My Mom said that Michael said her name began with an M, and her name is Madeline. My Mom also said that you said she was a friend of the family and of her Mother’s. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you.”

– Stephany

“Dear Michael and Marti,
I wanted to thank you for a fantastic reading at Home and Soul in La Mesa in January. It was my first, and I had so much fun! It was so gratifying to be with my family members ‘over there’, and to laugh and interact. My saucy sister Margie, who passed at 43, was a delight, and told you things that nobody but myself could know.

After the reading I was left with some questions, but many of them have been resolved as I get more information about family members who have passed on. Example: you said there were three of my cousins there, all brothers, but I ‘knew’ there were only two. You said to check with their mother, my Aunt, who is still living. I did, and she confirmed that one of her sons was a twin, and the twin died before birth. That makes Three! I never knew that!

We haven’t yet identified who was the person in the portrait you drew, Marti, but with features like that he is definitely a “Skinner” (family name) from long ago. But the reading wasn’t just a novelty, a good time, something to tell people about. More importantly, It brought about a subtle shift in my thinking, in how I felt about life. I had a surgery scheduled five days after the reading, and had been very uneasy about it. After the reading, I felt so calm, and knew I would not be alone; people who loved me would be right there by my side. And they were. And everything has turned out just fine. I used to be hesitant about bringing up this subject, but now I tell my experience to anyone who will listen. There are more people than I thought who are open and interested, and my sharing is good for them, too!

Your reading confirmed for me that we never lose our loved ones, and that we ourselves do go on, and on. Indeed, things that seemed so important pale in the wake of that knowledge. Again, thank you both for a life-changing experience. See you again soon.”


“I’ve been thinking about you both and wanting to call and just haven’t gotten around to it yet – so I thought I’d answer this e-mail to let you know you’re on my mind. I wish I lived closer by – I’d go to every one of your seminars. I still am going through some difficult times over my mom. I take that tape of our first session together to bed with me each night when I’ve had a sad day. It’s the only thing that gives me some relief. My brother and I agree that you are the best Michael. And I’ve never seen anyone do what you do Marti. He recently went to a seminar with John Edward, and he said you’re just as good. They cut out all the things he says on TV that isn’t exactly on target.”


“I just wanted to thank you both so much for the incredible reading I received! You were in Reno, Nevada on Friday October 11, 2002 at Pathways Gift and Book Store. Things were a little crazy for me the couple of weeks prior to you reading for me and I kept talking to my Grandfather who has passed and begged him to some how find someone like you both for me to see and talk too. Well he did and it was amazing. I can’t tell you how much you helped me. The more I listen to my tape the more I validate and understand from it!”

– Lisa

“I met Marti and Michael at the Whole Life Expo in Costa Mesa. I had never before had a reading of the type Michael does, but I was totally open to it. Michael began by bringing through my little Pomeranian dog, Chewie, who had recently passed. Then a male presence came through which we identified as my adoptive father, Stuart Fletcher.

I had an enormously difficult relationship with both my (deceased) adoptive parents. We were, literally, from different planets. My father passed recently due to natural causes (he was 91). I was there to helphim cross over, though he had long ago broken the father/daughter bond by behaving in a highly inappropriate manner toward me. He had little respect for women and had a typical alcoholic’s temper. To the end he was gruff, demanding and rude. I felt almost no grief or loss when he passed and believed there was no unfinished business between us.

Yet the reading I received from Michael brought me comfort such as I’d not thought possible. The word sorry came through over and over. I was blown away by my father’s spirit saying, we were simply overwhelmedby you. We thought we’d adopted a sweet little thing we could control and manage. You took us by a storm. How true! As a child, into my teens, I thought I was a bad girl, rebellious and unlovable. My parents always seemed to be displeased with me. How comforting it was to look at the situation from their perspective. They were doing the best they could, based on what they knew. And I wasmade strong by our constantclashes. I don’t regret a thing.

Marti’s accompanying sketch is astonishing. Comparing it to my father’s photo, you can see that the lines around his eyes and especially his cheeks are accurately placed. Note the shape of the ears, the chin, the bang-on neckline, the pronounced nose and the twinkle in the eye. My father was a rogue, a ladies’ man, and a scrapper.”


“Thank you for the time we had last Friday. I feel so much more at ease knowing what I learned regarding my son Michael. I knew he was ok and was pretty sure my mom had been there when he died to help him over. Having that confirmed just is reassuring. When my son Mike stated he came in with problems and continued to work on them during his life, that too was reassuring because while I didn’t know that, it seemed that way. I did as much as I could to be helpful to him. His comment about AA was exactly what he seemed to say but never was able to say it directly to me. I was happy to be able to tell his daughter Emily, that her father said she was the best thing that ever happened to him. For her, that is the truth as well. Thoughts continue to permeate my soul from being with you and you can be sure we will have time together again in the future. Again, my deep appreciation for your ability and willingness to share your gifts with us.”


“I just wanted to write to you both to let you know how grateful I am to you and your amazing gifts. When you (Michael) told me that my best friend, Heather, was there and I got to connect with her, that was such a happy moment for me. When I got home, I looked for pictures to find of the person that Marti drew and I found him. He was my Grandfather Harry, my mom’s Dad. He passed away when she was 7 years old so I never got to meet him. I was so amazed and happy to know that he is around me and watches over me.”


“Last night my friend and I spent a wonderful evening at the Path with you. I truly want to thank you for the magical evening you gave us and I had the feeling everyone there present (felt the same).

My friend has been grieving for over 2 years. She always had some relief during our meditations we have been doing regularly, but then, the next day the everyday’s life caught up with her and the tears have been filling oceans again… when I saw your flyer at Whole Foods I knew this was it. I convinced her to give it a try and I did not have to talk a lot. She was looking forward to that evening. I personally had the feeling that actually her beloved lost one came over 2 or 3 times but she could not react to it. I looked at her, but she was like she could not talk.

Many other people came through she did not expect but she knows, that HE was there too. I’m pretty sure she will come back to see you for a one on one connection, which probably will even be better.

So I just want to thank you for opening the door for her and so many others…. You truly do magical work, keep it up and I am looking forward to learning more from you.”

– Doris

“This was before we started recording all sessions: When I got home, I wished I had made a duplicate list as you did, for I couldn’t remember all the names or things we touched on the I didn’t recognize. BB was the name of a fox my grandmother used to call out as we were kids to feed in the desert where she lived. (My sister, who came through you), Coral, loved that story and used to share it a lot at family gatherings. The picture Marti drew was a picture of my grandmother, not my mother-in-law. My (older) sister saw that immediately. I was very young when she died, so it was a memory stored way back there.”

– Sandy

“One of your questions, Michael, during the reading was if I had any connections to Montreal? I did not realize it at the time while my grandfather, whom I never got to meet but have always felt a great kinship to, was coming through to you that his regimental photo from WWI was taken in Montreal. I have been trying to get around to having it framed for many many months now. I think he was trying to tell me something. It was several days after the reading that something told me to take the photo out to look at it. There I saw the city and date of 1915 written on the bottom of the photo. It was a great confirmation that I actually connected and felt my father’s father there. A small dog that I was very attached to also came through for you strongly. Several weeks later I looked out my front door to see a woman walking her dog. I gasped at what I saw. The dog looked identical to the one that came through. I asked her if I could see her dog and introduced myself. The dog crawled right up into my lap and it was like holding him again and petting him. I don’t believe in coincidence and I really feel that it was all linked together like a great gift. Thank you both so much.”

– Lah

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