Husband and wife psychic mediums Marti & Michael Parry

Meet the couple who brings your deceased loved ones back to life

Marti and Michael Parry have a unique gift for helping people connect with loved ones who are no longer alive. When this husband and wife team combines their talents, the dead come back to life.

Marti’s psychic artistry and a rare talent for spiritual drawings, united with Michael’s mediumistic abilities, allow them to make connections that others can’t.

The Parry’s are a dynamic team who helps people deal with the grief and loss of their loved ones. They’ve brought comfort around the world for years through their lectures and workshops.

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Michael Parry

Michael has studied metaphysics for over 30 years in his native England. He renewed his knowledge of his true spiritual nature through various yoga meditation techniques.

He met Marti in 1994 when he came to Los Angeles for a three-month visit to repair earthquake damage to the American headquarters of his church. They were married six months later. 

Although Marti was familiar with metaphysics, it had been quite a few years since she was active in any modality. Michael was determined to change that!

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Marti Parry

Marti has been an artist all her life, but she insisted she could only draw what she could physically see. However, Michael convinced her to try and expand her imagination.

After some consistent practice, she sketched a portrait of a man neither she nor Michael recognized.

That evening, a friend came over for their weekly meditation meeting, grabbed the illustration, and exclaimed, “This is my boss that died a year ago today!” She brought over the obituary photo the next day and confirmed it was indeed her boss, to whom she was very close.

Spirit Portraits

Bring your loved ones back from the otherside with a simple picture you can cherish forever.

Tania's grandmother SpiritArt by Psychic Artist Marti Parry
Daniel's grandmother SpiritArt by Psychic Artist Marti Parry

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